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Paper Submission!

The papers must be submitted in Easy Chair in the following LINK, take into acoount the following INSTRUCTIONS. Please use the following TEMPLATE 

Elagec 2016!

Elagec has been known for being one of the main forums of discussion about Construction Management and Economics as well as for being an opportunity of integration and exchange between the academic knowledge and the industry. This edition will take place along with the II SeIN²Co and will address the new tendencies and perspectives for the development of sustainable construction applied and developed by the industry and the academy.

Elagec 2016 New Trends in Sustainable Construction, intends to gather academics, researchers and professionals of the five continents dedicated to sustainable construction innovation, management and economy.

The International Seminar on Innovation in Construction Project Management offers a space for discussion between academia and industry, from the exhibition of different topics by experts, which can build cooperative relationships that help solve the obstacles currently facing the AEC industry.

In this second version, the seminar focuses on innovation in construction project management, more specific different experiences of the AEC industry in sustainable construction.

The seminar is aimed at professionals in the AEC industry, government agencies, trade associations, academics, students and the public interested in new trends and methodologies in project management with a view to innovation in the industry as a differentiating factor and generating competitiveness.

It will take place at Universidad de los Andes and will be organized by IN²geco, Grupo de Investigación en Ingeniería y Gestión de la Construcción (Engineering and Construction Management Research Group), ACE, Grupo de Investigación Arquitectura, Ciudad y Educación (Architecture, City and Education Research Group), ARTS, Grupo de Investigación Arquitectura, Técnica y Sostenibilidad (Architecture, Technique and Sustainability Research Group), the Architecture and Design Faculty and the School of Management and CIIA.

Provisional agenda:

November 15th:

II SeIN²Co; Experiences of the AEC Industry in Sustainable Construction.

November 16/17th:

VII Elagec 2016; New Trends in Sustainable Construction

November 18th:

Research School; Seminar for Master and Doctoral Students

Price Diego Echeverry for the best research project

The best articles will be published in a special number of the Elagec 2016 in an indexed high impact international magazine. The official languages of the event will be English, Spanish and Portuguese, nevertheless, the articles to be published in the special number will have to be written in English.

We are looking forward to having you here and will be delighted to count with you for the dissemination and promotion of the last advances and the best practices for the whole life cycle in constructions, which guarantee the environmental, economic and social sustainability.


According to the nature of your research, determine whether it is applied or theoretical, choose between the six stated trends the best fitting one, define the corresponding built environment scale and finally identify the life cycle stage in which it is developed.


  • Systems and spaces; Design for environment/sustainability
  • Green Building; Eco-Design and Eco-Friendly Development; Design with Nature
  • Closed-loop design; Designing for a sustainable future
  • Urban Planning and Urban Design for Sustainability; Parameters of Sustainable Urbanism
  • Renovation and Restoration
  • Sustainable Housing and Compact Urban Neighbourhoods
  • Landscape Architecture, Productive Urban Landscape and Urban Farming
  • Theory and Principles of Eco-City, Philosophy in Practice
  • Efficient architecture. Low Energy, Low Cost
  • Smart and Bioclimatic Architecture. Materials, Systems and Technologies
  • Prefabrication and industrialized construction
  • Governance and Local Planning for Sustainability
  • Lean construction; Production planning and Supply chain management
  • Innovation and Environment management in construction organisations

  • Management Contracts and Procurement. Contracting and Legal Issues
  • Procurement management, e-procurement
  • Construction Procurement and Financing
  • Relational contracting
  • Public private partnership

  • New tools in the education of construction management.
  • Virtual education New methodologies in the education of construction management
  • Skills development and transfer in Construction educationl
  • Play to Learn; Gamification in the construction management teaching and learning process
  • Building Information Modelling in Construction Education
  • Experiences in Construction Education
  • Professional training
  • Training in Construction Sites

  • Artificial intelligence applications in construction
  • Intelligent decision support systems for construction managemen
  • Construction scheduling and applied optimization models
  • Risk analysis and decision making in construction
  • Neural networks Applied in construction
  • New developments in project network techniques
  • Artificial Intelligence in scheduling
  • Constraint Logic programming

  • Building information Modelling
  • Building Energy Modelling
  • Virtual design and control
  • Virtual construction, augmented reality and 3D printing
  • Construction simulation models
  • Rapid Prototyping for Construction
  • Sensors and sensor based systems in construction
  • Robotics for construction sites
  • Nanotechnology in construction
  • Cloud computing and its applications in construction
  • Project monitoring and control
  • Information systems in construction

  • Safety, Quality and Productivity
  • Integration of Quality and Safety on Construction Companies
  • New trends in Quality management in construction
  • Influential factors of construction quality
  • Building information Modelling and Quality management
  • New methods in health and safety of the construction sites
  • Barriers and benefits of quality management in the construction industry
  • Health and Safety Measures in Construction
  • Health and Safety Policy
  • Health and safety risk assessment
  • Health and Safety Training in Construction Sites
  • Health and Safety Regulations


ELAGEC, better known as “Latin American encounter of Economy and Construction Management”, is a biennial event organized by teachers and researchers from different Latin American countries with unique themes of study related to "Challenges in Construction Management in Latin America”.

Along history, ELAGEC has been held in different Latin American countries, offering the opportunity to everyone related to the Construction sector to be part of this innovative and important event.

Historically, ELAGEC took place in the following countries:



Brazil, organized by NORIE (Core Oriented Innovation of Building) of UFRGS, City: Porto Alegre, RS.

Chile, organized by the Department of Engineering and Construction Management, Engineering School of the Pontifical Catholic University (PUC), city: Santiago.

Colombia, organized by the Department of Environmental and Civil Engineering and, the Faculty of Engineering of Universidad de los Andes, city: Bogotá.

Chile, organized again by colleagues at PUC, city: Santiago.

Mexico, organized by the Department of Civil Engineering. Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudio Superiores de Monterrey, Campus Monterrey, city: Cancun.

Brazil, organized by Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar) and University of São Paulo (USP), city: Sao Carlos, State of São Paulo.


This year, for the second time at the event history, ELAGEC would be taking place in the Universidad de Los Andes, organized by the "Grupo de Investigación en Ingeniería y Gestión de la Construcción" (IN²geco), the research group "Arquitectura, Ciudad y Educación" (ACE), the research group "Arquitectura, Técnica y Sostenibilidad" (ARTS) and the Faculty of Architecture and Design.

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