Visas and permissions

Please take into account the following information before and during your visit to our country:

a) Pursuant to Colombian law, foreign nationals who wish to visit or stay in Colombia must obtain the permits necessary to do so. Such authorization consists of either an Entry and Permanence Permit (PIP-Permiso de Ingreso y Permanencia) for short stays in the country (issued by migration authorities in entry points and available for those foreigners whose nationality is entitled to a visa waiver) or a Visa issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to those foreigners whose nationality is not entitled to a visa waiver or whose activity and permanence requires him/her to have a visa.

If you don not need Visa the PIP depends on of the nationality:

            PIP5 Schengen Area

            PIP6 Others

b) Once you are registered Universidad de los Andes will send you an invitation letter to the event.
With precise instructions for you to obtain the document that validates your immigration status (Visa or PIP).

Dear participant: 

If you require a Visa please make sure to register in advance. Please notice that Visa documents expedition might take between 1 to 2 weeks and there is also mailing time involved. Some embassies request the documents to be presented up to 2 months before traveling. It is each participant’s responsibility to present this request on time. (This applies ONLY for participants registered before September 1st. After that date Universidad de los Andes will not be able to arrange any Visa documents for this event)

c) Please make sure that the immigration status provided by the officer coincide with the one in you invitation letter. (Participants with Tourism Status Visa – TP11 or PIP5 will not be able to attend the event until the correct visa status is presented).

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