Excellence Award Diego Echeverry

Open call for Master or Doctoral thesis developed in the last 3 years.

Areas related to ELAGEC

1.     Innovation and Sustainability in the AEC Industry.

2.     Quality Health and Safety Management.

3.     Robotics and Automation in Construction.

4.     Procurement and contracting in AEC Industry.

5.     Quantitative Methods in Scientific Construction Management.

6.     Education and Training in Architecture, Engineering and Construction.


The Diego Echeverry award will be given to the most relevant research projects related to construction projects management.

Best Master Thesis 

Best Doctoral Thesis 

* If you are interested in applying, you must send the following information before September 26th:

1.     Completed Thesis in PDF format.

2.     Abstract (no more than 500 words) and keywords.

3.     Name of the thesis evaluators and the university.

4.     Specify if the thesis has been cited, as well as the place, authors and year.

5.     Indicate if the article is related to the thesis.

6.     Trip information (Passport and dates of entrance and departure from the country in order to send the invitation letter – IPI6).

***For the purpose of receiving the award, it is important for the thesis author to be registered at the congress and to make its presentation.

Evaluation Committee: Jose Luis Ponz, Laura Andrea Gutierrez, Hernando Vargas, Camilo Villate, Rafael Villazón and Juan Manuel Medina.

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